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Since first of the year, I’ve been subbing with the Virginia Department of Transportation at the rest stop on I-64 just east of Afton Mountain. Basically I keep the bathrooms clean, the toilets unstopped, and in return, I get to wear a cool, flourescent vest.

Speaking now as an experienced professional, I have to say the women’s bathroom is consistently way more gross than the men’s.

Just saying.

Title: Life After a Broken Heart (Bonus Track)
Artist: Ron Sexsmith
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Life After a Broken Heart by Ron Sexsmith

Wow. This song socked me in the gut. Hard. As if written just for me and what I had to enure and how hard that was. And how something beautiful came to life that never would have (I’m talking about you Emma Marina, you wonderful creature) and what strength, gratitude, and hope that experience has given me.

Every line of this song is perfect. And this entire Sexsmith album has had my rapt attention since it came out. Much, much love for it. Thank you Ron.

“The world didn’t end like I thought it would
From out of something bad came something good
I know cause I didn’t fall apart
But there is life after a broken heart

Ron Sexsmith is My Artist of the Weekend

Reblogging Kirk this weekend for artist of the weekend on

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In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Matt Pond PA

happy cover friday everyone

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